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 Prochaine MAJ de Askyblock.

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Date d'inscription : 21/02/2017
Age : 30
Localisation : Bassin d'Arcachon

MessageSujet: Prochaine MAJ de Askyblock.   Mar 28 Fév - 15:04

3.0.6 est en beta test.

Challenges :

- Nouvelle commande pour admin: /asadmin resetchallengeforall <challenge name> [duration m/h/d]
- Permet à l'admin de reset un challenge particulier pour tous les joueurs du serveur en même temps..
Le reset peut également se faire tout les tant de temps.

Permissions :

Temporary in-island permissions - players can be given a set of permissions when they are on their island that will be removed when they leave their island.
New askyblock.islandfly permission. If a player has this permission, they can fly within their island space. Configure the island fly settings in config.yml.
Added perms for /island spawn and /island reset commands (askyblock.island.spawn and askyblock.island.reset)

/is leave - Nécessite désormais une confirmation.

Island settings
Added extra island settings to the Settings GUI.
Island spawn settings are now made by clicking in the GUI, not by the config.yml. You will need to set them up after upgrading.
Top Ten
Clicking on a player's head in the top ten will warp you to that island if a warp is available.
Nether trees can be selected for normal nether.
Nether schematic includes Ghast spawner.
Island Level
Players can see how many points they need to attain the next island level and obtain an estimated value for the block in their hand by using /is value.
Option to show fancy island level values, e.g., 12K instead of 12,203.
Lag Reduction
Added general entity spawn limiting. Any entity can be limited to a specific number per island. This is a global setting. See config.yml.
Added default locale setting to config.yml and removed the locale.yml file.
Admins can remove available languages just by deleting them from the locale folder. To regenerate language files, remove the locale folder completely and restart.
Updated PT-BR file for locale. Credit - eBaldino
Added Russian locale file. Credit - k-egor-smirnov
Added new strings to locale files in English to help indicate what needs to be translated.
Magic Cobble Generator
Option to only allow magic cobble generation at spawn.
Improved the random number generator for the magic cobblestone generator.
Improved /asadmin cobblestats command to show stats for different island levels.
Config.yml changes
Island protection settings section has moved completely - be sure to use the latest config.yml!
Removed complicated settings in config.yml around island protection. Now settings are automatic.
Added option so that only leader can coop.
(11.1+) Added option for island enter/exit strings to show up in the Action Bar. No color supported.
If the admin changes the resets left setting in config.yml it will be applied instantly to all players. Previously it required the admin to reset player by player.
Acid: Added config options to fully protect against acid rain if wearing a helmet and acid water if wearing a full set of armor.
Exploit mitigation
Added protection against the team kick/leave exploit to obtain free islands. Note: Players with zero resets left cannot make islands anymore!
Changed how askyblock.island.range.# works. The island range can now go down as well as up. This prevents players with a large range giving an island to those with a lower range. The range will change at the time of handover, or if the new owner is offline, when the new leader logs in.
Made challenges not reset on leaving a team to stop players receiving multiple rewards
API: Coop events can be canceled.
Bug Fixes
[Medium] Challenges would not work correctly if there were no challenge levels defined
[Medium] Some blocks could not be placed at spawn even if the place-blocks setting was allowed
[Medium] Fixed long standing bug in calculate island level API.
[Medium] Portal use was not allowed for island owners if it was disabled for visitors.
[Minor] Schematics - mushroom soup was unsupported
[Minor] Falling into the void while trying to hit a block caused a console error
[Minor] Added missing 1.11 blocks to blockvalues.yml
[Minor] Total island villager count was not shown correctly for teams.
[Minor] Badly formatted filenames in the locale folder were causing bugs
[Minor] Removed WARN in console log for "Problem removing no push from scoreboard."
[Minor] Schematics - pasting a chest sometimes caused an error.
[Minor] Next and Previous could not have color codes for the Warp Panel.
[Minor] Due to name changing, it is possible for two players to temporarily have the same name in the game. Admin commands could use the old UUID instead of the new UUID.
[Minor] Island teleporting was not checking the askyblock.island.go permission.


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Prochaine MAJ de Askyblock.
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